Cultural Sillustani (5 – 6hrs)

One of our most popular tours, the tomb site & cultural tour of Sillustani Puno allows visitors to enjoy stunning highland landscapes and imposing pre-Inca architecture.

Cultural Sillustani Tour Overview


The archaeological site of Sillustani is located 34 k.m away from the city of Puno (22,3 miles, about 35 minutes drive) and at an altitude of 3,840mts (12,858 feet) above sea level. This visit allows visitors to enjoy stunning highland landscapes and imposing pre-Inca architecture. The site is strategically positioned on the top of a peninsula surrounded by a beautiful lagoon called Umayo lagoon.

The archaeological site of Sillustani was a cemetery built in the XIII century by a civilization that occupied the area before the Inka domination. The creators of the imposing burial towers are known as Kolla people. The most imposing burial towers were built for the chiefs and priests. For our ancient cultures, the cemeteries were important resting places for the deceased people. Therefore, our ancestors would strategically choose for burial ground exceptionally beautiful spots. Cemeteries were considered sacred places.

When walking around this peninsula, we can feel the energy that emanates from this site. Many people come to appreciate this unique view of the vast highland surrounded by the Andean mountains and the beautiful lagoon Umayo, they cannot go away without feeling their hearts recharged with peace.

Why choose the Cultural Sillustani Tombs Tour?


In the community of Atuncolla, 14 families have organized to form the Association of Living Tourism under the name LOS QOLLAS SILLUSTANI, ASTURIS. The association is open, meaning that other families are welcome to join as long as they accept the obligations and rights established by the statutes of the association. Families participating in the association have improved their housing facilities and have prepared kitchen and lodging with the objective to provide services of room and board to visitors interested in the rural tourism experience.

The local residents are the descendants of the Qollas, pertaining to the Qolla Kingdom between 1200 AC and 1400 BC in the highland region of Peru. The Qollas rose to power following the collapse of the Tiahuanaco culture of the 12th century. The Incas later conquered them.

Tour Itinerary


Duration: 5 – 6 hours

All itineraries are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control including, weather, road or trail conditions and flight schedules.

  • 8:00: Se inicia la recogida en hoteles de Puno y se sale a Sillustani.
  • 9:00: Bus hacia Sillustani.
  • Next, we visit the archaeological site of Sillustani.
  • Upon finishing the visit, we return to Atuncolla to have a delicious typical lunch in a local family house.
  • 14:30: return to Puno.


School season in Peru in rural areas runs from April 1st through July 15th and again from August 15th through December 15th. Summer holidays start from Mid-December to April 1st. The School visit can only be provided during weekdays. If you are very interested in visiting the school and sharing time with the local students please make sure you tell our agent to check if the date of your visit is suitable for a school visit.


It is recommended to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen with high SPF, moisturizing cream, bathing suit (just in case water is cold in the lake!), a hat, warm and comfortable clothes for night and dawn hours, cotton T-shirts during the daytime, hand sanitizer and camera.