Hiking the Socca Peninsula

On this trip we will visit a beautiful peninsula and appreciate the vastness and beauty of the crystal clear waters of Lake Titicaca. During this two-hour walk, we will soak in the pure air of the altiplano and the magic of the lake.

Socca Peninsula Tour Overview


The town of Socca is a peasant community that is located on a beautiful peninsula on Lake Titicaca. This beautiful place is far from the noise and urban development of the city. The name Socca is derived from the Aymara word “Saq’a”, the name of the Totora or reed plant that grows abundantly on the shores of the lake. The climate in this place is mild and favourable for agricultural practices.

In the community of Socca we will find families of small farmers who grow potatoes, quinoa, barley, beans, geese and wheat. The locals also engage in artisanal fishing given the proximity to a clean and remote area of ​​the lake. It should be said that it is increasingly difficult to fish native species such as Karachi or Ispi. At the moment the most important fishing is Trout, which is an imported species.

The town of Chucuito had a vital importance in the Colonial era because there were mercury veins in the nearby hills. This mercury was vital to the gold and silver mining coming from the Potosí mines in Bolivia. For this reason the town was called “City of the Royal Funds”. Today there is only one Inca building that is still partially standing. Researchers have not come to specify what the function of this site was, but they have noted that the corners of the entrance doors are aligned perfectly to the North and South. This suggests that the site had some astronomical connotation for the Incas.

Tour Itinerary


Duration: All day

All itineraries are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control including, weather, road or trail conditions and flight schedules.

  • 8:30: pick up from hotels in Puno. Bus Ride to Chucuito – 18km from Puno. 
  • 9:00: Visit Chucuito Incan archaeological site. 
  • 9:30: We continue with transport to the village of Acora. If the tour falls on a Saturday we will stop to visit a local market where people from remote communities gather to sell there produce.
  • 10.30: We start the hike from the town of Socca. Slowly ascending the Aukiparki Mountain and then traversing the ridge towards the lake. Eventually we are picked up by the transportation again and we drive another 20 minutes to the beautiful Iscata Beach nearby Socca village. 
  • 12.30: At Iscata Beach we enjoy a delicious box lunch and can take a boat ride with local fisherman along the shores.
  • 14.00 – 4.30: The next stop is to a local family to hear their stories first hand and learn a little more about the lives of locals of the Altiplano.
  • 15.30: Return to Puno. Arrival time approx. 18.00.
  • Comfortable private transport.
  • Professional guide with the language you require.
  • Box lunch 
  • Fruit snack & Water. 
  • Entrances fees and payment to locals for their services. 
  • Includes VAT. 
  • Tips


It is recommended to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen with high SPF, moisturizing cream, bathing suit (just in case water is cold in the lake!), a hat, warm and comfortable clothes for night and dawn hours, cotton T-shirts during the daytime, hand sanitizer and camera.

Socca Peninsula

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